We love French savoir-faire, the kind of know-how that goes far beyond clever stories and perfect images to found a philosophy of objects and the way they’re produced. Keenly attuned to promoting French excellence, Sandrine and Vincent Bergerat decided, in 2014, to create the brand name Ambassade-excellence.

Ambassade-excellence has been conceived as an umbrella brand. Its mission is to promote and distribute on an international level brand names that embody French excellence in fields we are highly concerned with – clothes, accessories, perfume, house and garden, and transport.

In order to share this passion, Ambassade has created a digital magazine devoted to French excellence in all its forms: clothes, design, beauty, architecture, gastronomy and culture. The content of the magazine is relayed over different social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and why-d).

Fall 2017, Ambassade proposes to those who love beautiful products born from French savoir-faire a selection of brand names that have incarnated over the past months, years, even centuries, excellence made in France. In time, Ambassade will open boutiques in the most prestigious cities: Paris, Tokyo, New York, London, Seoul, Los Angeles, Milan, Hong Kong, Sydney, etc.