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If you fall overboard, a striped Navy Shirt will certainly save your life! And if you don’t, or if your Navy Shirt isn’t striped, its incomparable softness will save your life in another way, by softening it.
The Navy, whether national or commercial, and the lives of its sailors have, since the beginning, been committed to two elements: the equipment, and the intercessions of the community, the family, with the spirits, gods and goddesses, who govern the relationship between humans and the sea. It so happens that these two elements are historically united in Le Minor, whose embroiderers worked both to make kabigs and to make banners dedicated to the saints of the diocese, who during processions honoured both the Holy recipient and the skilful work of their artisans.

The history of the company Le Minor began in 1922, under the aegis of a woman, it was first of all a hosiery workshop founded by Berthe Etui, which became the Manufacture Bonneterie Lorientaise under the direction of Juliette Corlay. Their wool covers the shoulders of sailors who left at the age of 14 to fish for cod at the gateway to the St. Lawrence. Installed in Guidel at the beginning of the 1960s, the MBL will soon be dressing the French Navy in striped jersey and officer pullover; its buttoning on the side will seduce even the divine David Bowie, which is to say how much this piece is indeed an essential – and not a basic – part of the wardrobe of the fresh or salt water sailor, as well as of anyone who has developed an idea of what being elegant means.

*The navy adopted stripes a long time ago, for safety reasons, because a striped man or woman is easier to spot in the waves than the same person, when they are not striped.

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The cotton used in Le Minor marinières is spun in the Vosges, dyed in the Pyrenees, then knitted in jersey in Guidel (Morbihan) workshops on circular machines from the 1960s, then cut and sewn in the same place.