Presence of the future


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4 (2×2) octogonal tables. If a square is the form in wich we can recognize our civilization, it seems that the octogone is the one of the future, of the Aliens, of vessels and other artifacts of an other time. 4 at a time, moveable, in wich one of them is hosting a pail/vase for champagne, flowers or a gold fish. Most wanted on earth and beyond.

The rectangle : coffee table in solid oak and a tray in pearly lacquer and structured. 900 X 450 X 320 mm
The square : coffee table in solid oak and tray in oak, glass protection.
450 X 450 X 320 mm
The bloc : bloc in solid oak, and glass tray protecting it. Insert : stainless steal vase/pail. 450 X 450 X 320 mm

Hervet Manufacturier is a French art /artisanat company. Their pieces are made in France with noble materials only: wood, stainless steel, glass or else full grain leather. Hervet Manufacturier produces in reasonable quantities (30 pieces).

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L 300 mm x L 300 mm x H 650 mm