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Vedette Skateboard

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Cruising on your skateboard, along the Seine River or the Pacific Ocean, and because the first skateboards were planks of wood, we can envisage a comeback of the pre-grip, pre-logo, pre-sponsor aesthetics: AMATEUR. A plank of wood, with a rich and warm wood veneer, in this case DOS SANTOS ROSEWOOD, whose personality constitutes the unique “décor” meaning that it actually incarnates skateboard essence beneath your feet.
Skate Hervet Manufacturier cruiser woodworking. 
Trucks ACE 00 & Bones®. 
Roues rollers, Powell Perralta Rat Bones®.
Hervet Manufacturier is a French art /artisanat company. Their pieces are made in France with noble materials only: wood, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, full grain leather. Hervet Manufacturier produces reasonable quantities. 1000 items per serie.

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L 700 mm x W 150 mm x H 120 mm