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If you fall overboard, the Fileuse d’Arvor Navy Shirt (in its striped version) will certainly save your life! And if you don’t, or if your Navy Shirt isn’t striped, its incomparable softness will save your life in another way, by softening it.
Knitted from angelically soft combed cotton, the Brest Navy Shirts are made in the Fileuse d’Arvor workshops in Quimper, and the “Midship” faithfully respects the traditional craftsmanship of the French Navy. Sailors serving on the Jeanne d’Arc wore the shirt on her last voyage around the world.
Fileuse d’Arvor Navy Shirts and Jerseys are the closest you can get to seamanship, Brittany and centenary tradition, tonnerre de Brest!   The Navy adopted stripes a long time ago, for safety reasons, because a striped sailor is easier to see in the waves than a non-striped sailor.

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Made of 100% combed cotton.