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F.F.: Furtive and flaming. Escaped from the hyper-exotic times in a Chriss Foss painting. Its rosewood frame gives it a mystical, fearsome music-fish aspect. Each extremity has a Bose speaker, the heart of the device welcomes your sound system. Great for listening to Popol Vuh’s complete works, or those of Tangerine Dream.
Furniture in Dos Santos rosewood veneer, natural wax finish, legs in stainless steel. Equipped with the Bose Sound Touch system ®.
Hervet Manufacturier is a French art /artisanat company. Their pieces are made in France with noble materials only: wood, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, full grain leather. Hervet Manufacturier produces reasonable quantities. Edition of 12 items per essence.

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L 1450 mm x L 550 mm x H 600 mm