Space Age chic *****

Suite 224


Welcome to the suite Ambassade X Renaissance. For those who whish to experience the full Ambassade-Excellence concept, you have now, and until june 30th, the opportunity to book the Suite 224 at the Hotel Renaissance République revisited by us, at the following number: +33-1-71 18 20 95.
Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Opera Garnier, the Sacré Cœur, the Luxembourg Gardens, Beaubourg, the Marais and the Place de la République. A bit further along to your right is another astonishingly modern monument for our Hausmannian museum-city. The Renaissance République even has a quite convincing space ship aspect with its cell-like windows. Refreshing Parisian architecture at last..
The 224 suite offers a complete immersion in excellence & savoir faire in France.

Retro futuristic furniture by Hervet Manufacturier all over the place, let’s go out on the terrace, here are, like it should in Paris, your four bistro chairs by Drucker. Back inside, on the bed facing Gregoire Eloy’s art installation and book published by RVB (Grégoire Eloy/The Fault), a plaid by Arpin 1817. Constellations hand embroidered by Emessel, an Iris’ portrait painted by Alexandra Compain-Tissier. Coffee cups and saucers handpainted in Limoges by Marie Daâge, glassworks by verrerie des lumières, cushions passionately embroidered by Paulette Zoute, and more cushions in gold extra smooth cotton by Aigredoux, perfumed soaps by Oriza L. Legrand, and to begin the day, Anatra jams, from Corsica !
Enjoy your stay.