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Skin Memories depicts the creations of Thomas Mailaender realized at the Roux Tannery. Working and researching there, the artist experimented with the photographic medium and different analog printing techniques (cyanotypes, Vandyke process, anthotypes) onto leather surfaces.
The source material for his imagery was gathered through purchases made from a variety of sellers including online. The body of material was thus made up both of photographs and a variety of other supports including newspaper clippings, written documents, advertisements, postcards and negatives, creating together a sort of iconoclastic anti-museum.
This publication creates a conversation between the reproductions of Mailaender’s installations produced during the residency and his scenography of the same images superimposed within the space of the tannery.
He made his personal selection of leathers that dress the cover of the books, making every copy unique.
RVB BOOKS is an independent Parisian company that publishes books according to an original modus operandi, born thanks to the possibilities offered by Internet, and yet close to the Pre-Gutenbergian era of publishing. Matthieu and Rémi work on the assumption that each and every book, and in some cases, every model of every author should have its own form and format. Not a collection, but a living spirit which is not frozen into rigid forms.
Mathieu Charon and Rémi Faucheux both followed singular paths in the publishing industry before uniting their ideas and their know-how to create RVB BOOKS in 2011. Matthieu was at the origin of the collection Janvier Léo Scheer: monographs devoted to artistic photography, while Rémi directed the publishing project “Clinic” with Useful Photography.

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2 different slipcases.3 different softcovers.164 pages, including 20 with micro-perforation 94 color photographs, 50 b&w photographs leather spine with hot stamping ISBN 979-10-90306-55-4