Presence of the future


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A piece of furniture with wings. Its white marbled ebony chassis gives it the majestic and awesome air of a space ship soaring in the sky in a painting by Chriss Foss, one of the most affluent creators on the 20th century SF scene. The extremity of each wing, rather than a reactor, has a Bose® speaker. The heart of the machine accommodates the sound-system, also by Bose®. Ideal for listening to the Daft Punk’s complete works, or Jean-Philippe Rameau.
Furniture piece by Hervet Manufacturier, French cabinetwork with white ebony veneer. Interior lined with 100% wool felt. Stainless steel legs.
Hervet Manufacturier is a French art /artisanat company. Their pieces are made in France with noble materials only: wood, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, full grain leather. Hervet Manufacturier produces reasonable quantities. Edition of 12 items per essence.

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L 198 CM x W 50 CM x H 76,5 CM.