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Jardins d’Armide Perfume

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Jardins D’Armide, unparalleled powdery fragrance of Oriza L. Legrand.

Les Jardins d’Armide was the symbol of beauty, lush and beautiful, full of fragrant flowers and the rarest species. The beautiful gardens were long mythical, but the success of the Renaissance myth of Armida gave back a new impetus to these imaginary incomparable gardens.
Armide, the most emblematic of the seventeenth century magician, a woman of great beauty and knows the art of seduction, best embodies the ambivalent powers of charm. It is inextricably tied to its extraordinary gardens, so much so that the term “Gardens of Armida” became a reference in fashion during the following centuries.
Throughout the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Gardens of Armida is made ​​incessant use through music (Lully, Vivaldi, Handel, Haydn, Rossini …), painting (Poussin, Van Dyck, Tiepolo, Fragonard …) and literature, starting point of the mythTasso in the sixteenth century.
In 1909, the famous Maison de Parfums Oriza L. Legrand has in its prestigious boutique 11 Place de la Madeleine, the elegant Parisian and its customers all-Paris, the perfume “Jardins D’Armide” in tribute to the legendary gardens and women who have symbolized.
The Queen of Flowers, Rose, is at the heart of this enchanting bouquet picked in the Garden of Armida. Iris from Florence and Violet Wild powder their glycine and eyelets India, while Honey, Almond and musk bring this tempting elixir incomparable strength.
Top notes:Old Rose, Orange Blossom and Iris Powder.
Heart notes:Florentine iris, Violet Wild, Glycine and Carnation India.
Base notes:Honey, Almond, Tonka and Musk.
Oriza L. Legrand perfumes are manufactured in Grasse, a historical and mythic city for the French production of fragnances.

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100 ml / 3.4 fl oz