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In the D’Aincourt family : the (big) son, Rare XO (Extra Old). is a blend of 10 eaux de vie from the Grande Champagne cru. Matured for 20 to 50 years in oak casks.
Here’s what our experts friends are saying :
Golden with copper highlights. The nose reveals all the elegance and delicacy for which the Grande Champagne cru is known. Delicate notes of oak, Sichuan pepper, vanilla and cloves appear and intermingle one by one. The finish is long, harmonious and masculine.
The 110 hectares of vine and the distillery were established in 1848 and the emblem of the brand is inspired by grenades worn by generals and soldiers on their arms and their uniforms during the Empire. As for the collections, the Rare XO, the Extra and the extremely rare – barely more than a hundred bottles a year – the Premier Cru, they are the fruit of skilful blends whose perfection is based on the very rare selected brandies. Aged in barrels of French oak from twenty to one hundred years, they are all issued from the Premier Cru de Cognac, the Grande Champagne. The talent and the approach of the cellar master, along with all those who look after the D’AICOURT Cognacs, make up for an alliance of excellence in know-how and the audacity only true mastery allows for.