Heart of glass

Pierced Drop Redcurrant earrings

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The Redcurrant pierced drop earrings are not edible, that’s a good thing, and yet. Besides their small Ladybird and swarovski strass bee, they bestow on your sensual ear as well as on your entire person the powers and the sylvan charms of the nymph Pomona, lover of orchards and their fruits.
Redcurrant pierced Drop earrings.
Nowadays set up in Place des Victoires, in Paris, Gripoix comes to life every hour a day, by the enchanted fingers of the juvenile and talented Fanni Fisher and her artisans. This life blossoms in myriads of gentle forms and colors which the poured glass takes as it coils in the metal, according to Fanni’s sketches.
As for the sensual pleasure provided by these unique creations wrapping your fingers, your wrists, shining on your earlobes, or on your lovely heart, it comes from your gaze being reflected in their scorching eyes watching you being watched.

Additional Information

Worldwide free delivery. Allow 3 to 4 weeks for production in case of sold out.


24K Gold-Plated Brass, Swarowski strass, poured Glass.



Weight & Measures

28 g, 6 x 3 cm.


Purple, Red