Preserves made in Corsica

Orange and white penja coffee from Cameroon

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When Christophe speaks to us about his life, which is to say about the fruit and spices destined to become part of his preserves, an intimate geography comes to life, quasi-familial, of Corsica and more specifically of his region of Furiani. The apricots from Jean Luc’s orchard in Vescovato, the lemons from Penta di Casinca, Caroline’s tomatoes in Ghisonaccia, and so on. He knows each fruit individually, having observed each stage of its life, from the seed to maturity and knows just when it should be handpicked.
ANATRA Conserverie Moderne is positioned in the newly reclaimed domain of respect for seasons and savors. Reasonable agriculture, organic, along with individuals who are s precious and delicate as the fruits and nothing less.
Winter 2016/17 is devoted to citrus, clementine and mandarin, oranges, citrons, we will follow up in spring with cherries and strawberries; and then come the melons, tomatoes, peaches, apricots this summer. Afterward the fall, with its figs, pears, etc.
Our selection of Anatra jams :
Corsican clementine
Nepita strawberry

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