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MIKOMI Knife n°10

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Flat switchable pocket knife. Stainless steel Damascus blade, 64 hammered layers with a sgps steel (Super Gold Powder Steel) edge. Quenched z20cr13 stainless steel locks, quenched and engraved z20cr13 stainless steel spring. Afghan lapis lazuli handle, polished and larded with a golden glitters inlays. Brass axle and larded nickel silver.


If a Japanese chef needs two different knives for cutting carrots, one for those from the North and another for from the South, it becomes easier to understand that each of us has the need to have in our kitchen, our pocket, our vanity case, and on our table his unique knives: like the lines on our palms. Japan is watermarked in the work and aesthetic created by Antzenberger’s magic fingers. Not only the possibly too obvious japan of Hatori Hanzo, but also, intertwined, rustled by poetry and life.,The ’In’ei raisan of Tanizaki, the sensuality of Hokusaï and the coalescence of Miyazaki.

A world apart is being created in his hands, and each of Evan Antzenberger’s knives reinforce its edge and increases its value and beauty.

Additional Information

Blade dimensions

Length 85 mm x height 17 mm x thickness 3 mm

Handle dimensions

Length 112mm x height 17mm x thickness 14 mm.


108 grs.


As you can imagine, this is an art and collectible knife that shall be handled with care. However, it can save your life during a picnic on the Amazonia banks. The life warranty is done as part of a good use of this item. This exclusive knife for Ambassade-Excellence is entirely handmade in Nantes by Evan Antzenberger, the most younger cutler in France.