Brilliant steel origamis

Marcel Floorlamp

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There’s a boy named Adam. He is less than thirty years old, well trained in sheet metal craft, an art that is most often practiced with hammer blows on a metal sheet. The technique reached new heights and took its name in Dinan, Belgium, in the 11th century, then spread throughout the world. It was the advent of a new type of object: metal and light.
In his powerful hands, folds the steel, to his joyful fantasy are born the lights, both Vulcan and Prometheus. Adam Ruiz’s meticulous work, however, evokes Far Eastern origami practices. From this art, he adopts the way of approaching metal sheet, of bending it to construct the object by its structure, in a single piece, but also this tradition of discreetly evoking, in a minimal but not austere way, the living, animal and vegetable worlds.

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170 x 50 x 45 cm.