Black Champagne!

Luvienz – Bottle

650 €

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Here, we have a delicate, secret assemblage of blanc de blancs and Oscietre Caviar, quite simply. The result is a sidereal grey, extremely deep. Sensitive to light, it is iridescent with dark green and deep Parma, almost black. On the palate, the dynamic and subtly flowery attack of the blanc de blancs precedes the long iodine softness of caviar, and then announces the final, subtly almond-like note.
The miraculous Luvienz was born after several years of research taken on by its two creators; an almost surrealist work of art, it would surely have conquered the heart of the most atomic/eccentric and gourmet of all artists, Salvador Dali, a lover of lobsters, snails, frogs, caviar, crowned heads and eroticism. Beauty will be edible or it will not be.
Bottle sold with its wood case or a leather case by Maltier le Malletier