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l’Enfant de Cœur

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He arrives in a breath without warning. And then we quickly understand his pain. Incense assails you, myrrh grips you to the heart. You ask for more. Yes, you do.

Chantal Sanier creates since 2003, within Odeur de Sainteté, her brand of supernatural perfumes, fragrances as singular and rich as the beings for whom they are destined, to the point of absolute dream, the tailor-made perfume.

At the same time, her olfactory installations bring back to life, in the Palais Royal and more recently in the park of Saint-Cloud, the memory of characters buried in ours.

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Absolutes, essential oils, hydrolate and organic alcohol (alcohol aqua aroma linalool limonene geraniol benzyl benzoate).


50 ML.