From Oloron-Sainte-Marie Since 1840

The Authentic Beret

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As its name suggests, this model promotes the real French beret by taking over the characteristics of the authentic berets Basque.
The “cabillou” the famous so distinctive small tail of the beret.
The leather head measurement, is enhanced by a sulfur yellow edging matched with its “bouffette”.(Lace cross)
The midnight blue satin headdress which duplicates the inside, is decorated with an embroidered badge.
The badge: based on an historic model, wears proudly the colours of the Laulhère house:the sulfur yellow, candy pink and Klein blue illuminate the coat of arms composed of the symbols of its region of origin and more widely of France, the country of beret.
Laulhère beret, made with Merino wool.
The smallest of the French monuments is also the most popular: it can be rolled up and kept in a pocket. Knitted in Oloron-Sainte-Marie, this famous fashion statement is a beret. Worn by our soldiers (and their brothers on other continents) as well as by all the past and future Michèle, Jane, Inès, Loulou, Pablo and our young ones, the beret goes back to Gallic times and has been thriving for 170 years thanks to Laulhère.*

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One size fits all, stretchable