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Condé belt

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22, v’la les condés ! (hurry, the cops are coming!). In the great family of the parisian underworld, the shadow of each vilain conceals one or two cops, who are not so innocent themselves. Between Simenon, Frédéric Dard and Michel Audiard, we play vilain-cops


Cyril Dunn makes each piece by hand in his Paris atelier / workshop. The leather that he uses comes from vegetable tanning process. The buckle is brass and the stitching is made of wax flaxen threads of linen. The level of care given to each step gives to these objects unique qualities and the durability one expects from a luxury product.

L’anguille Condé belt.

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Vegetal tanned leather, polished brass roller buckle, adjusting screw. Raw edge, waxed.


In Eugene Francois Vidocq’s words, L’Anguille means « belt » in Parisian urban slang. Vidocq, a French legend, was born in Arras in 1175 and died in Paris in 1857. He was a thief, a revolutionary soldier, an escaped convict and finally the Head of Security. He founded the Judiciary Police as well as the first Private investigators Firm: The Trade Information Bureau. Vidocq slipped effortlessly from one world to another and gave inspiration to disturbing fictional characters such as Jean Valjean and Javert in V. Hugo’s novel Les Miserables and Vautrin in Balzac. His influence can also be found in Duma’s, Poe’s and Leroux’s works.