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Kessel Belt

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The Kessel belt with its elegant and simple buckle radiates an aura of classicism. It carries some of the essential qualities of the accomplished adventurer: to be appropriate everywhere and under any circumstances.
Cyril Dunn makes each piece by hand in his Paris atelier / workshop. The leather that he uses comes from vegetable tanning process.
The buckle is brass and the stitching is made of wax flaxen threads of linen. The level of care given to each step gives to these objects unique qualities and the durability one expects from a luxury product.

L’Anguille Kessel belt.

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Vegetal tanned leather, polished brass roller buckle, adjusting screw. Raw edge, waxed.


This belt is a tribute to the great adventurers of the last century. Joseph Kessel was born in Argentina in 1898 and died in France in 1979. He was a soldier, twice decorated of the War Cross, a journalist and press chief, an international correspondant and a member of the Resistance, a squadron captain, an academic, and an author with his nephew, Maurice Druon of the « Chant des partisans » that became the rallying cry of the Resistance. His numerous world tours influenced his literary work with each book leaving the mark of its era: The Lion, La Fortune Carrée, Belle de Jour, L’armée des Ombres, etc.