The Ark regained


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1986, mate Iggy invaded Switzerland and its immaculate slopes at David B’s side, devoting himself to the powder snow ecstasy. A wonderful vermeil friend lovingly winded around your pretty finger, and who never, never, never leaves you.
Knowing that Serge, just like Francis*, Max and a few others sometimes prove to be marginally below expectations aroused by their promises, Céline Meslin and Emilie-Alice Fabrizi have chosen not to wait, and one morning in 2014, they created l’Arche, their first jewelry collection, as well as the house that goes with it.
It is in the small circle of the Parisian workshops that the bestiary of the two friends incarnates itself, made of noble metal. A little vermeil wonders troop which would not spoil Madagascar 4’s casting: Here is Parium the sloth, Ara the spider crab, Tatium the armadillo and Igua the iguana. The docile creatures lovingly wound around your pretty finger and never leave you*.
Each character is thought then drawn in the (fecund) jungle (of her desk) by Céline, exquisitely carved in wax, reworked by the duo, lost wax cast, and shaped by the agile hand of a master jeweller, until the final affixing of the brand’s hallmark.
*With the exception of the Pope Francis, of course.
**The jewel can be adapted to all measurements, as it’s not sealed.

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Pink Vermeil : 950/1000 silver – Pink 18 K gold plated 5μ, Platinum Vermeil : 950/1000 silver – platinum plated 5μ, Yellow Vermeil : 950/1000 silver – Yellow 18 K gold plated 5μ