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Rack bag, saddlebag, case, the object is simple and practical enough to reveal itself in all kinds of uses not yet listed. Made of cotton and leather, durable and repairable.

The first particularity of any object leaving the Berthoud Cycles workshops lies in the fact – both unique and yet so obvious – that each of the parts that make it up, in addition to its impeccable quality, can be repaired or replaced in the distant future. Sustainable and pragmatic design if ever there was one. Berthoud bags are made in Fleurville, you can’ t invent it.

Fixing on front or rear luggage rack by leather straps (supplied). Zipper under flap. Waterproof and rot-proof treated cotton canvas, full grain leather trim and reinforcements.

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115g. Long. 205mm. Larg. 110mm. H. 60mm.


Cow's croupon* full grain, ***vegetable-tanned leather.

*Croupon: part of the skin located on the back of the animal. This is where the skin is thickest and strongest.

**Full grain: leather whose grain (upper side of the hide) has not been corrected. In addition to a dense aspect, it is a witness of the animal’s life, and each mark on its skin will find its place on a saddle Berthoud, giving it its unique and precious character.

***Vegetable tanning: process requiring only tannins of vegetable origin (bark, sap, leaves). The colors are natural, beige, brown, and the leather acquires, with time and use, a unique patina.