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Green Pantin chair

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The Pantin chair is the children’s version of a Drucker classic, the Fouquet’s. It will nevertheless support easily (almost) any adult.
Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, Notre Dame, the fountains, the gardens and the fields of Saint Germain, what brings all of these places together, independently of whether you are on the left bank or the right bank and of the area you may be ? Terraces, of course, from the Flore to the Deux Magots, and from the Café Français to Fouquet’s. All the geniuses of the twentieth century have sat, sometimes up to eight hours for several among them,[1] genius requires a certain sense of diligence, at the patio of a café, and on a Drucker chair.
These coloured chairs, as happy inside as they are outside, stackable, light, are naturally at home on these patios. They come out every morning and go back inside every evening.
Practical and beautiful, the many models are rooted in French cultural patrimony and the possibilities made-to-measure by the weaving techniques of Rilsan[2] (or Raucord) straps used for the cane work make up a catalogue of 25 000 décors which have seduced the most famous designers from Andrée Putman and India Madhavi to Philippe Starck. Drucker chairs can be found all over the world, especially across the Atlantic, where they brighten prestigious patios “à la française” from the Hotel Marmont in Hollywood to the Zoo in Miami.
The oldest factory of cane chairs was born in Paris in 1885, ran by Louis Drucker. Until World War I, his success was due to a taste for exoticism, which cane chairs incarnate perfectly. A whole floor of La Samaritaine was devoted to his goods, and one could find lamps, folding screens, umbrella stands and bed headboards, large for adults and small for children.
[1] Simone and Jean-Paul
[2] Natural polyamide made only in France.

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Largeur 34 cm x profondeur 39 cm x hauteur 64 cm. Hauteur d’assise : 32cm.


dominante Blanc, points : bleu doux et vert tendre

Type de rotin

Manille (clair)

Fibre de tissage

Raucord (satinée)


Basique C01