Heterotopies since 1867

Green Pinton

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Carpet, green carpet. Monochrome green, infinitely deep like a pond discovered at the foot of a waterfall, in a submerged primary forest, splash. Hand-stitched (tufted), please.
A heterotopy is, literally, a different space, another place, a mythical, real contestation of the space in which we live.* A rug, like a garden, belongs to this class of spaces. Let us remember that rugs go back the beginning of time, as an evocation of a perfect, sacred garden, most certainly the Garden of Eden. The principle of heterotopy is to create a juxtaposition of different spaces, leading on to the idea of travel as well as being its ideal vehicle, the flying carpet. It is therefore not so absurd to declare that rugs are places of re-found happiness. The Pinton family, who have created some of the most beautiful rugs on this earth, have known this since 1867.
Throughout their more than a century-long history, Pinton, established in Felletin, the cradle of tapestry making several miles from Aubusson, have developed two directions for their excellence. Pinton is both creator and manufacturer.
The Pinton House has always created their rugs in collaboration with artists, those who spend their life forming beauty and culture for our civilization, such as Alexander Calder, Le Corbusier and Delaunay in the twentieth century, along with famous contemporary artists, such as Jean-Michel Othaniel and Johan Creten.

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180 cm x 250 cm


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