Unique piece, hand-embroidered by Emilie Essel

Eric & Brian Minaudière

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You are a leopard in the night. The jungle, three mimosas beside a pool in the garden, on the Algarve coast. The villa belongs to your parents, your name is Eveline Grunwald, on vacation with the disturbing Valkyrie, Constanze Karoli.

You met Eric and Brian in a bar. He persuades you to pose almost naked for him because he is Brian Ferry in 1974. Instinctively you squeeze between your fingers this embroidered minaudière by Emilie Essel. It’s your favorite, it never leaves you, its perfection fascinates you, it embodies all the beauty and refinement possibly gathered in a soft and shiny being (as says your grandmother). The light of the torch burns your skin and underwear. Eric, the photographer shoots feverishly, not so confident. You either, are no longer so sure of being in the right place, wearing transparent panties with Constanze, at night. The celestial minaudière escapes your fingers and falls to the ground, where it seduces a sphinx named David, hence its absence on the album cover of Country life, by Roxy Music.

  Emilie Essel was born as a Parisian and as a protean artist. After the embroidery school Lesage in Paris, she traveled around the world and continues to learn. Since she came back to France, she creates and embroids according to the technical known as the technical of Lunéville: handbags, bracelets and other delicacies.

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Emilie Essel hand embroiders wonderful evening bags. Each one of them requires more than 200 hours of embroidery. The beads she uses come from Swarovski, Miyuki and Fried Frères in Paris.