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Desiré selvedge overpants denim

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Désiré is the model that reproduces the first pair of jeans ever born in France, in the hands of a Tuffery, the worker’s overpants of the 20th century, worn by miners and construction workers that built the Florac / Sainte-Cécile-d’Andorge train line. You can wear it now with or without straps.
Atelier Tuffery has selected, for this model from the Tailleur range, a rare noble material: a particularly thick artisanal Selvedge canvas, a genuine leather jacron label with vegetable tanning and copper rivets.
Célestin Tuffery, tailor of Florac since 1892, made Yves Saint Laurent’s dream come true before he even dreamed it: he invented the first French pair of jeans.
Since 1892, Tuffery jeans have never stopped being made in Florac, in the Cevennes. Each pair delivered bears a label with the name of the tailor who made it as well as a small thread reel, so you can adjust the leg length to your measures.

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French size ! Choose one of your jeans (clean, dry and fitting perfectly). Strech it and measure (in centimeters) the distance between the two hips. The number you get is your french size. As simple as that !


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