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Dark Key (AA1)

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According to Thomas Cardinal, from Addiction Surfboards: ” The Dark Key is a classic longboard made for the today waves and our current manner to apprehend them. It is an excellent noserider, able to turns and surfs as close as possible of the pocket of water. The fact that the large point is slightly remoted, gives more projection on the bends, whereas the long and progressive concave, and the narrow nose, permits an optimal control in noseride.”
Shape : Double concave, very pronounced.
Each board is numbered and signed, furthermore, it will bear your name.
In 2000, at La Rochelle, Louis Robert, founder of the Addiction Surfboards in Canada, met one of the best French shapers: Renaud Cardinal, surfer and founder of UWL Surfboards. From this encounter was born the B-52, first in an uninterrupted series of boards in which every model is materialized with an exceptional finish. Since 2005, Addiction has continued their French adventure on the Atlantic shores, welcoming shapers from all over the world, and from their collaboration the most beautiful surfboards are made.

Additional Information


This model : 9'4 x 23" x 3" 74L. Available : 9' to 9' 8". Dimensions are expressed in feet (30.5cm)/ inches(2.54cm). The length rests the most important size, the other sides are often harmonized by the shaper. Example a 9'0" = 9x 30.5cm = 274.5 cm Example a 6'4"= 6 x 30.5cm + 4 x 2.54cm= 193.16cm

Finishing touches and accessories

Tinted resin 2 faces + polish finishing touch+ fins. Cover not included :contact@ambassade-excellence.com


9'0", 9'1", 9'2, 9'3", 9'4", 9'5", 9'6", 9'7", 9'8"