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Coke sneakers

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When we understand that style at all costs is an obsolete concept, and that other criteria come into play, because the context requires it, quite simply, we will take a look at These Ector Coke sneakers and their refined beauty will be radiant, a kind of evidence.

These mixed shoes, reminiscent of the classics “tennis”, are made from recycled materials, plastic bottles, to be more precise, the 6 bottles of Orangina that are in your fridge, for example. Of course, they are also recyclable and will eventually become plastic bottles again, it should be noted that each step of the production process is designed to have the lowest possible ecological impact, recycled cardboard packaging, minimization of waste; cherry on the cake, the glue is free of animal products, we are vegan or we are not.

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Inspired by the knitting techniques of the high-tech industry, Knit technology allows the "upper" of the shoe to be knitted in one piece with recycled PES yarn. The result, flexible and lightweight, adapts to your foot to give you a great feeling of comfort.