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Signature Caviar – Original Tin 1,8 kg

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The Signature Caviar de Neuvic is produced in Dordogne.
After extraction, washing, hand sieving and color grading, in a series of meticulous operations reminiscent of the world of high end jewelry, the unfertilized roe (sturgeon eggs) are stored in the original tin. These original tins contain the freshest caviar available. They are then sealed and stored in the cold room to be later used to fill smaller, more reasonably sized tins.
Presenting deep nocturnal and abyssal hues, from charcoal to golden brown, the large pearls dissolve in the mouth into an array of rich and voluptuous sensations while maintaining a subtle, slightly salty taste.
There lies the elegance and balance of Signature caviar, favoring purity of taste and feeling of freshness.

The piscicultural farm Caviar de Neuvic is situated in Dordogne at the confluence of the Isle – a historical river of the sturgeon production – and of the Vern. The attention is completely focused on the sturgeon’s quality of life, an essential requirement for an exceptional taste.

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Open preferably your original tin 5 minutes before serving. Arrange on a bed of ice that will preserve your caviar’s freshness throughout the tasting. Prefer a mother of pearl teaspoon that won’t break the grains or oxidize them.


In the fridge, 4 months guaranteed.


The exceptional taste experience of caviar is intrinsically linked to the quality of the sturgeons habitat, an element that mobilizes the total attention and know-how of Laurent Deverlanges and his team: organic food, purity and temperature of water, well-being of the cheptel**, impact on the environment, and last but not least, 3% of salt only.