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Vintage-inspired ankle boot mounted on a round arched shape. This version features a dual material: leather and suede, as well as a cup toe without perforations.
Model proposed in a Blake construction with closed channel stitching.
Alexis Lafont established Caulaincourt in 2008, following an exemplary career path since almost ten years. Shoes are created on the whim of his constantly active inspiration, always on the lookout for ideas he then sketches in notebooks. As a child, he was already involved in creation, photography, sculpture and drawing. His enthusiasm is visible throughout his collections that bear witness to the adventures of their creator.
The shoes and leatherwork we present here are produced in the finest French workshops, selected for the excellence of their specific know-how.

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Model proposed in a Blake construction with closed channel stitching.

Blake construction

The Blake seam consists of sewing the sole from the inside to the outside, to secure the three basic elements: upper, sole and outsole. Blake is the name of the inventor of the machine capable of making this sewing (late nineteenth century).

Channel stitching

The seam is then closed to protect the yarn and offer greater longevity.


Black boxcalf and suede calfskin from le Puy tanneries.

Size Guide II

In French shoe sizing, size equals 3/2 of the foot's length plus one centimeter. So, for 29 cm feet long, equals 45 (EU) (29 + 1 = 30, 30/2 = 15, 3×15=45 ! And so, for a 42 you'll have 27 cm feet long.