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Bamboo Bangle

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« Tu es désert Bambou, et jungle Bambou,
forêt de Bambou et coup de Bambou »*
Adjustable Bamboo bangle.

Nowadays set up in the place des Victoires, in Paris, Gripoix comes to life every hour of the day, under the enchanted fingers of the youthful and talented Fanni Fisher and her artisan’s.This life blossoms in myriads of gentle forms and colors which the poured glass takes as it coils in the metal, according to Fanni’s sketches.
* Bambou, Alain Chamfort.
**The jewel can be adapted to all measurements, as it’s not sealed.

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24K gold-plated brass, poured glass.

Weight & measures

10g. Diameter: 5,5cm, Wire width: 3mm.