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AVANT LA VAGUE – DAHO 78-81 / Pierre René-Worms, Sylvie Coma

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Before the wave, at the turn of the Eighties. Etienne Daho was still a young man from Rennes, leading an almost ordinary life. A rock’n’roll enfant terrible, half an angel, half a punk, trying everything he can to organize a Stinky Toys concert in his town. The show led to months of debt, but Daho bonded with the legendary duo Elli and Jacno. A couple of years later, Jacno himself produced his album Mythomane. It was the end of an underground scene he had only briefly tasted. Including timely photographs by Pierre René-Worms and by close relations of the singer, as well as flyers, posters, newspaper cuttings, notebooks, and a text by Sylvie Coma, the book gives a glimpse on the singer’s intimate life during a critical period of his career. It also captures a snapshot in time: the era of the jeunes gens modernes, the “modern young things” of French new wave and post-punk.
RVB BOOKS is an independent Parisian company that publishes books according to an original modus operandi, born thanks to the possibilities offered by Internet, and yet close to the Pre-Gutenbergian era of publishing. Matthieu and Rémi work on the assumption that each and every book, and in some cases, every model of every author should have its own form and format. Not a collection, but a living spirit which is not frozen into rigid forms.
Mathieu Charon and Rémi Faucheux both followed singular paths in the publishing industry before uniting their ideas and their know-how to create RVB BOOKS in 2011. Matthieu was at the origin of the collection Janvier Léo Scheer: monographs devoted to artistic photography, while Rémi directed the publishing project “Clinic” with Useful Photography.

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Hard cover. Linen cover colour 162 pages ISBN 979-10-90306-64-6