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Flynn’s arcade, the patron saint’s den of the gamers of all the galaxies, has to shelter, somewhere, this blazing specimen, monolithic piece of the history of video games of the third generation (8 bit). Thus, of our history.
Paldao (Dracontomelum dao), finishing touches of natural artisan wax, base in solid stainless steel. The Arcadia by Hervet Manufacturier is equiped with an arcade system, 520 games, including Pacman® and Space Invaders® and with a Bose Sound touch®.
Hervet Manufacturier is a French art /artisanat company. Their pieces are made in France with noble materials only: wood, stainless steel, aluminium, glass, full grain leather. Hervet Manufacturier produces reasonable quantities. Edition of 12 items per essence.

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L 100 mm x L 680 mm x H 1690 mm