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Alpha hoodie


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We dream of Siberian, even Auvergne chills at the sight of this Alpha hoodie in nubuck calf leather whose talcum powder colour will offer a delicate contrast with the snow-covered tundra, the herds of woolly mammoths, smoking in the distance in the morning mist.

Some instant classics, of which we discover as we approach them, the subtle refinement of the finishes, the upholstery with handcrafted edges, the softness of a leather that is nevertheless tear-proof and water-repellent, each piece renews in its unique way this desire to return, with infinite care and refinement, the leather to its original destination: sportswear, let us remember that it is the material that clothes hunters and amazons of the early days, as well as aviators and aviators of the first flights. Leather finally becomes again the material of movement, energy and life.

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Hood: French origin – Lacaune, Tarn – French equivalent of New Zealand lamb. Light skins, naturally perfect leather, silky and soft wool, skin size: 0.35m². The lambs are raised on farms. Jacket: Veal nubuck. Native to New Zealand and southern Germany, full grain leather has emerged to obtain a velvety finish. skin size: 0.8m². Calves are raised on farms.


2 side pockets with lapels, snap fastener.


46, 48, 50, 52, 54