I skate, you skate, we all skate, on water, snow, concrete, asphalt.

Aster skate

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Surf the city standing on a beautiful machine designed to be remarkably manoeuvrable and elegant. The reasonable size of the Aster (pretty daisy-like flower) makes it easier to use public transport, because it’s not every day that you skate through the city.
Three versions of the machine are available, corresponding to three very different approaches.
Nature boys & girls who ride barefoot – or in street shoes – will appreciate the leather upper, vegans will be sensitive to the use of cork (waterproof), while pragmatists will prefer the classic version with a grip worthy of the name!

For Alexandre, designer an founder of Akonite, skating is also an urban affair, the boards are tested on the basins of La Défense or Le Trocadéro and are towed by scooter, Jimmy Knoxville and his Jackass are not that far away. Snowboards, skateboards of all kinds, ultra-luxury surfboards; the permanent friction with the elements brings to Akonite some healthy founding principles – that most of the major players in the sports world ignore: sustainability and ecology, the point being not to destroy what we caress.
Another skate by Akonite.

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Length: 65cm. Width: 18.5cm. Thickness: 8mm. Board: beech / ash / cork/linen fiber/leather, grip. Trucks: 3.5 inches. wheels: 60/45mm // 72A. Ball bearings: ABEC7