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108° Carpet

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In order to recreate a welcoming world, let’s start with the ground, and what softens it, the carpet. Camille Riboulleau’s carpets do not delimit the space, they play with it and will eventually consider climbing the walls. Here there are no squares or rectangles, but curves, arches and vaults establish a (felted wool) link between the aesthetic of land art inspired by the Zen garden, a place of meditation and meditation, as it should be for any carpet worthy of the name, and the joyful madness generated by the 24 small electric cars circuit and its interconnected sections, tracing an ever new path in the parental apartment.
108° carpet by Objectsfor/ felted and mass dyed wool.
Camille Riboulleau, the founder of Objectsfor/, is young, very young, and his creations reflect in the most beautiful way possible this youth, through the enthusiasm and humour that is expressed in them, in their conception both radical and poetic. Through each object coming out of his hands, he proposes a vision engaging the world on a joyful and colourful path, made of simple materials – wool, wood, aluminium – intelligently assembled and requiring as the only assembly tool – for the oak table, for example, only the one who never leaves us – except Captain Hook, of course: our hands. The young man’s programme is clear, the objects are dedicated to four essential activities: sitting, dining, eating and chilling; we are not far from the manifesto.

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Felted wool cords from New Zealand, assembled on a non-slip back.


R=160 -> 2,5 m2.