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An expertise recognized in a specific field, be it haute-couture, jams and jellies, design or bicycles. It is the result of a curriculum, a long learning process, the mastering of a specific production tool, perhaps even unique, that contributes to the French patrimony. It can also be achieved in a more personal way and result from self-taught research (one of the most celebrated French chefs confided one evening several years ago that, as a teenager, he would prepare “experimental” dishes to impress his skater friends).

An expertise that achieves excellence is perfect, but when it is combined with an original approach this perfection peaks. These peaks are what Ambassade is interested in.

The brand names and the products that Ambassade represents are manufactured on French territory from raw materials that come from France whenever possible.
In the confusing proliferation of labels and appellations, Ambassade has developed its own definition of a manufactured item and has identified and privileged four steps.
Ambassade considers that a product can claim the label ‘Made in France’ when at least three of these four stages take place in France.

The brands represented by Ambassade ensure compliance with the existing standards in the French territories. They ensure compliance to legislation in terms of security, working conditions and employment in their establishments and in those of their suppliers,

Promoting products that are made in France considerably limits the environmental impact of our buying habits. Undeniably a pair of socks, a sweater or a handbag destined for the French market and manufactured in France are much less polluting than when they are manufactured thousands of kilometers away.