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Fine knives handmade in France

Back in 2004, during a dinner for friends cooked by Yves Charles in his Parisian restaurant, La Maison Courtine, one was just about to savour a magret de canard. Some guests were using their own knife, a “Le Français” by Perceval, and the others the restaurant’s knives. Everyone noticed how the meat was perfectly cut by the Perceval knives, and how it rolled laboriously from under the other blades.

That was the idea: to conceive a table knife as carefully as a pocketknife. It was then decided that the knife would have the same silhouette as the “Le Français” that inspired it. Everyone admitted that the wine – a primeur containing 9.47° served with the meal – played a key role during the elaboration of the concept. As a tribute to its producer, Stéphane Majeune from the Peyra domaine, the knife was baptized 9.47.

After several working visits to the Perceval studios, to perfect the since famous 9.47, Yves Charles simply decided to repurchase the company created in 1996 by Eric Perceval, in Thiers, the historic capital of French cutlery.

Ever since, Perceval has been all different sorts of knives: kitchen knives, table knives, pocket knives, folding knives, outdoor knives, professional knives, as well as exceptional knives with mammoth ivory or meteorite handles. These pieces made by the Perceval artisans are in the pure Thiers tradition, meaning that the most modern cutting techniques and stainless steel treatments are used to create treasures.


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