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Oriza L. Legrand

Perfumer since 1720

Œillet Louis XV – a tribute to the house’s most famous customer – Déjà le Printemps, Relique d’Amour, Rêve d’Ossian and Violette du Czar, these names have crossed over the centuries to seduce us with their renewed charm.

The name Oriza comes from Oryza sativa, the variety of rice used by Fargeon for his cosmetic powders. The perfumer and distiller of the King and his Court, founder of Oriza, claims he learnt these recipes from Ninon de Lenclos, the immense seductress and woman of letters. She taught the “pretty manner to make love” to the young men who frequented her salon. Situated in the Carré d’or of the Cour du Louvre, Fargeon created a perfume for Louis 15th, the Child King, and the Oriza legend was born.

In 1811, Legrand entered the stage and began to create the house’s great fragances. The reputation continued to grow, and Antonin Raynaud, who repurchased Oriza Perfumes, initiated by Legrand in 1860, with a factory that was to employ 200 people in the early twentieth century. The House was the official supplier to the courts of Russia, England, Italy and France. However, wars were waging throughout Europe, and certain sectors suffered fatally; wars are not fought with perfume. The sumptuous edifice crumbled in 1940.

Oriza L. Legrand came back to life in 2012, thanks to the genial impulsion of Hugo Lambert (Cire Trudon, l’Artisan Parfumeur and Diptyque) and Franck Belaiche, who used to work in the cinema with François Ozon and André Téchiné, and then left fiction to make his dream come true. The two Parisian dandies patiently reassembled their patrimony spread over the four corners of the earth to reissue and reincarnate the famous formulas; they have not only reproduced the original items, but have truly brought them back to life, here and now.

Oriza L. Legrand perfumes are made in France, in Grasse.


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