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Nathalie Blanc

To be solar, or not be

Sunglasses designed by optician Nathalie Blanc are made in France, in one of the most prestigious factories founded by Jean Lempereur in the 60s. The acetates, sometimes aged over thirty years to reinforce their solidity, are tumbled and the lenses are also made in France, which is rare enough to be worth mentioning here.
But the “made in France” label is not simply a piece of cake (although it can be, of course), an obvious sign of absolute elegance and excellence. Other elements are necessary, such as talent and savoir-faire, for example. Nathalie Blanc possesses both, which have blossomed over the years since her first impetus given by Michel Klein. The ranges of colours gradually make up Nathalie Blanc’s subtle constellation.
Wearing sunglasses has nothing much to do with the number of hours of sun in Paris or elsewhere. Ever since Henri Verneuil’s Any Number Can Win, we all know that it is recommended to wear sunglasses at night, in the depths of a casino or a hotel suite – with nothing else, why not?
The accurate choice is essential, it’s a manner of delicacy, about protecting others from our too powerful gaze or an ornament, a reference, rather than an arrogance. Today, sunglasses are the fans of the 17th century – let us remember how Karl played with them in such an elegant manner. They possess their own syntax and vocabulary.

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