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Marie Daâge

Hand-painted Limoges porcelain

The last time we saw Marie Daâge was in her Parisian appartment/office, she had just come back from Moscow where she had given several conferences, ready to meet designers from London and working on plates that were to complete a Greek-Antique inspired service, ordered by the famous architect and designer whose name and black leather caps evoke a certain idea of life at sea.

For 25 years, Marie has been the incarnation of French luxury all over the world. La Maison proposes hand-painted Limoges porcelain, made to order in her workshops around the city. In Limoges, tradition and know-how go back to 1765, when the fabrication of porcelain was perfected in France (fourteen centuries after China).

Marie Daâge formed a team of painters to her technique, insisting that the work be more stylized than realistic. Paint must play with transparency, bring elements to life, a bird’s feather, leaf or stripe requires long practice and inborn talent. Some painters have their specialities, one of them in deckchair stripes, another in flowers and yet another in figures.

Marie Daâge has produced no less than 60 collections in a range of 50 nuances, distributed in 42 countries. Together, we have chosen the Mikado 2 collection, a pattern with a fine treillage, discreetly reminiscent of André Le Nôtre’s 18th century gardens, at the summit of their glory in Versailles. The pieces in this collection are tableware classics and come in 5 ranges of 2 colours that are just like us: absinth/ taupe, black/coq de roche, fuchsia/camelia, slate blue/snake green, gold/gold.


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