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Manufacture de Digoin

Stoneware fired at 1250°C, since 1875

Think of one of your grandmothers, The little house on the prairie, Combray, the rooster’s crow, the kitchen, the mustard pot, the jug, the vinegar maker? There is a good chance that at least one of these utensils will come from the Manufacture de Digoin, which for more than a century has been producing these objects of everyday life, unconsciously (and legitimately) associated with an approach to life marked by serenity, the search for beauty, respect for time, the planet and the beings who inhabit it.

The clay or more accurately the stoneware paste from the subsoils of Burgundy, Auvergne, Charente or Île-de-France is moulded in the factory’s workshops in Burgundy, then fired, sometimes enamelled, the 1250 degrees Celsius required give horticultural pottery their resistance to frost and cooking utensils their waterproofness as well as their strength, let us add – for the most demanding among us – that the perfect vitrification resulting from these high temperatures allows food to be stored without transmitting odours.

Salt pots, serving spoons, oval terrines, Parisian terrines, wild boar, hare, golden-billed woodcock, round, rectangular, hollow dishes, deer, pumpkin or melon jugs, cups, moss green Breton bowls, night blue ink, mustard yellow, tonka bean.
One of the ideas behind the Manufacture’s new rise imparted by Corinne Jourdain, when in 2014, with the enlightened help of a few investors, she took over, was not so much to accessorize a bit more our lives, already riddled with gadgets, with small touches of stoneware. But perhaps, to accompany its soft but profound and colourful transformation. That we live and cook with beautiful and durable objects encourages us to do so with excellence, out of respect for the quality of these utensils; using beautiful and good products, preparing them magnificently in an harmonious setting, this goes without saying, preferably for exquisite people.


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