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On Urban Aesthetics

Maurice Chevalier, Joséphine Baker, Lino Ventura, Bourvil, Marlène Dietrich, Trenet and Coluche have all been in movies, but they were also bicycle riders in the Maison Tamboite’s order book.

Léon, the future founder, studied at Henri Matisse’s Libre Académie and painted alongside André Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck, a passionate bicycle rider, with whom he shared this other passion, “la petite reine”. He devoted his life to the Française diamant, which he ended up managing, the Cycles Rich, and then the Maurice Tamboite cycles, a famous celebrity of the Vél d’hiv. Almost a century spent between Montmartre and the Batignolles, the glorious era.

Frederic Jastrzebski, his brother and their spouses are now riding in the footsteps of Léon, the great-grandfather, with the Tamboite bicycles in their minds and hearts. There’s been a renaissance. The frames are designed and made for your own measures – in lightened steel – by Hugo Canivenc, the master-framer, right near the Viaduc des arts.

The recent collection is composed of three models. A singlespeed (Marcel), the sporty item, and two carriers: the Dalou, the more feminine model, and Henri, for men. Both are equipped with a very practical chrome steel baggage carrier – care for detail is displayed in the compartment for your anti-theft device protected by buffalo leather – in the double bottom space. Cables and handlebars are also protected by leather, along with the saddle and the top of the peddles, an extremely delicate intention to avoid wearing the soles of one’s shoes.

The rims and wheel rims are made in carbon-reinforced beech timber.


*Inspired by the grandfather’s model, the one they always wanted to ride in vain; dreams always end up coming true in one way or another.

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