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The intelligence of the hand

This very high distinction, the Liliane Bettencourt prize for the intelligence of the hand, awarded to only 1 craftsman each year – and 10 on the occasion of its tenth anniversary – rewarded in 2009 the talent of Jean-Marc Lavaur and Françoise Fabre, both trained in the Lavabre Cadet workshops. When it comes to making gloves to dress our fragile and sensitive hands, this price is… priceless.
Jean-Marc Lavaur is a master cutter, he selects the skins from the best and mainly French tanneries, giving priority to skins whose size, colour and homogeneity will make it possible to produce a complete pair which, in this way, will present a perfect coherence of the leather. He prepares the material by hand, according to traditional techniques, moistening with a pad, powdering, stretching, then cutting the shape of the glove with a cardboard template, and finally he will resize it with a cutter so that Françoise Fabre, the glovemaker, can sew together the different parts, by machine. Catherine Gély, for her part, sews by hand, saddlestitch or glove stitch, hand edge or surfilé, assembly of the linings, ribs on the top of the hand that give their subtly masculine character to a pair of gloves, as well as all fantasies and customizations.
If the present of the house Lavabre Cadet is prestigious, its past is no less so, born in 1946, it is founded by Francis Lavabre in Millau, the living heart of French glove-making. The talent and quality of the work carried out in his workshops soon made Christian Dior, Chanel and Givenchy, followed by most of the major Parisian firms, to crowd into Francis and Lucette Lavabre’s workshops. For more than 70 years, Cadet Lavabre gloves have been designed, created and manufactured in France, a precious and more than rare, almost unique thing; let’s say, the gloves makers making their gloves in France must be counted on the fingers of a muffle, more or less things.
Unchangeable tools, gestures and quality, Cadet was and remains, through the benevolent takeover operation carried out in 2013 by Camille Fournet, one of the most beautiful in the world.

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