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Let’s go to the beach

It’ s around this action, gradually considered since the advent of the leisure era as natural, almost banal, although always full of light and joy – going to the beach – that Maud Hannart and Rebecca Renault, the duo of designers who founded the Incendie Color Studio, express their talent.
The seaside lifestyle is once again becoming a wonderful and precious adventure. A shimmering moment of light and water on bodies that are variously tanned, naked, stretched or softened to the extreme.
You will put on the linen and viscose beach dress that will protect your skin from the sun’s rays, this Incendie dress will dress you, neither too much nor too little, on the Chemin des Sablettes, at the wheel of your Mini Moke or on the deck of the ketch of Hub, Alix’s first cousin.
Then you’ll take an Incendie bag made of ultra-resistant linen canvas (800g) {lined} with cotton and linen, which you can carry in your hand or on your shoulder, thanks to its double handles. In this bag, you will find a removable pocket with a zip closure, linked to it by a golden brass snap ring; also, in addition to a few indispensable items, the cotton throw – Incendie, too. Once deployed on the incandescent sand, it will make your body shimmering with drops of salt water into a persistent light that will dance for a long time on the retina of all those marine eyes whose sensitivity is exacerbated by the months of confined asceticism.
Maud Hannart and Rebecca Renault show a rich background that led them to create this studio full of colour and know-how. One would get lost trying to identify in the objects they produce – in France, therefore – the influences born from each of its stages, from the School of Decorative Arts in Paris, through Philadelphia, Hermès, and the team of the discreet dandy Christophe Lemaire ; whether it be the minimalist and joyful approach to their objects, or the excellence of the workshops that produce them, such as the Lyon-based manufacture Charlieu, for example, to whom we owe, among other things, the light Alpha 3X, washable without solvents and fireproof, from which the curtains of the presidential plane are made, doubling the fresh zenith on the way to the Brégançon beach.

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