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In Cute

In Skin

Karoline Bordas is a distinguished young person who evolves in the microcosm of French saddlery and leather goods. Her very personal universe is embodied in her mark: In Cute, which unfurls coherently and accurately, carrying her to the summits. She has earned the blessings of several prestigious institutions.*

The name In Cute means “in skin” in Latin, the mark’s official, living language. Everything has been minutely considered: Karoline designs and realizes the pieces herself, she is that talented, and masters perfectly the immemorial techniques, linen thread made weather-tight with beeswax; know-how and observation come together ideally in every piece – radical and pure – which leaves her workshop.

The medieval sharply-arched coat of arms, a pre-revolutionary emblem she has chosen for a logo, always finds its place harmoniously and logically in all of her pieces. As for her favourite hare, he represents the lively force and embodies the dialectics at play in her work: elegance and strength, durability; classicism and modernism: implacable.


*Karoline Bordas is supported by the Bettencourt-Schueller Foundation and the Ateliers de Paris.

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