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Fleurs Pois & Cie

The very first time

A very personal way of wearing panties, without an outrageous sophistication, but rather with a delicate and refined romanticism. The lingerie brand Fleurs Pois & Cie is the result of the friendship and the will of Caroline, Martine and Véronique who created it for women in the making, and for those (and those*) who keep the universal taste for simplicity and beauty from this unforgettable period.
An edenic and rural atmosphere subtly emerges from these simple pieces which dress very lightly the private, without straining it, without underwiring, nor synthetic materials, as it should in a perfect world. Underwear sown with flowers, polka dots and English embroidery, woven cotton takes us exactly where we so ardently wanted to return – for those of us who are past that age – in a teen, solar, ingenuous and joyful world. Everything here is simple, young and beautiful, so are we. We naturally dream of cycling, feeling the wind in our hair, wearing panties, underpants, and in a seaside walk, of course. Moreover, in a deserted island, preferably.
This regained innocence seems to take root between the 1950s and 1960s, perhaps. Brigitte was all BB and Saint-Tropez was relaxing under the sunshades, sheltered from jet skis and gendarmes. One thinks as much of the Vadim’s And God Created Woman as of Rohmer’s La collectionneuse. It is precisely this time of extreme youth and infinite possibilities that comes back to us through these underwear collections.
A lingerie dreamed and created with woven cotton, cut and sewn in limited edition, by agile hands, carriers of excellence, in France.
Beyond the fact that lingerie is as much designed to be worn as to be revealed, men will now be clothed with the same virtues, with woven cotton.

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