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Fileuse d'Arvor

Luxury knits since 1927. Made in Quimper

It’s a story about Monsieur and Madame Brest who lived in Brest. They created Fileuse d’Arvor at home, in Brest, in 1927. In 1946, they moved to Quimper, and then Robert, their son, and Michel, their grandson, took over the business of seamen’s knitwear and pullovers. These items are like the second skin of sailors whose lives are saved by the stripes if they fall overboard, because they’re more visible – just as those are who wear them on a beach, at a party or anywhere else. Zebras get attention wherever they go, even hidden in the shade of wild palm trees. To say that this sailor’s pullover has been knitted in incomparably soft combed cotton is an understatement considering how wonderful it is to wear a “Midship.” Once you’re equipped with this soft armour, you can envisage the most daring exploits.
From Pablo Picasso to Arnaud Montebourg, and Coco Chanel to Brigitte Bardot, this piece of clothing is UNIVERSAL.
Question: Which “marinière” can brag about accompanying the Jeanne-d’Arc, the National Marine’s school-ship, on its round-the-world trip?
Answer: The “Midship” by Fileuse d’Arvor, made as always in the Quimper workshops.
The Fileuse d’Arvor pullovers for sailors are the most seamen-like, Breton and centenary. For those who love to explore different ways, the sailor’s pull from the Brest grandfather, designed in the 40’s, answers to other requirements, because it’s not as cold in the bay of Douarnenez as it is in the waters off Nova-Scotia, so the pullover has to be easy to take off and put back on again. No fastidious buttons, just the original Douarnenez collar: original, unique and naturally stretching, Tonnerre de Brest!
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