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Beauty will be post-petrochemical* (or won’t be at all).

What do we have here? A brand with a sweet, quaint scent, very late 19th century: Cosmydor; an evocation of an eternal and benevolent world embodied in the golden hair of this woman painted by Jules Chéret. We know the astounding power of advertising, and especially soap ads, as Jean-Luc Godard spotted Anna Karina, his future muse and wife in a Monsavon ad broadcast on french television in 1959.
Here, It was Xavier Quattrocchi-Oubradous who, charmed, founded the new Cosmydor around the most modern idea there is, and modernity is less often based on technology than it seems, since it is a question of being irreproachable and responsible, both in front of nature and our skin. Do not hide behind foamy scenery and concepts, whether kitsch or futuristic, nor the plethora of ingredients, not very effective, therefore plethoric, whose choice only meets marketing and financial criteria. No petrochemicals in packaging, let alone in products, no cost constraints in formulations.
Let’s look at soap, again, the cornerstone of the brand at its very beginning and, incidentally, of human hygiene. It is produced in the simplest and best way possible, by hand, cold, without separating glycerin (7 to 8%), which preserves its softness and the moisturizing qualities of the vegetable and essential oils that compose it; no fragrance, few ingredients, but 90.4% natural, of the active vegetable ingredients between 30.6 and 74% and all this is organic, it is the least we can do. The cyclist’s soap, for example, is made with black cumin seed oil, clove leaf and cinnamon tree oil, which subtly embalm the foothills of the Ventoux.
What about the packaging? Same: opaline glass, aluminium; use of cardboard reduced to a minimum, eco-refills, local production, and 100% biodegradable products.
What more can I say? Creams and balms complete the range, there again, no petrochemistry – unlike conventional cosmetics which saturate their formulas (95%). Here, bases and textures are natural and useful for the skin: vegetable oils of coconut, olive, sesame, jojoba, camelina, sweet almond, shea butter. And it’s beautiful.
It may seem superfluous, but when you’re into people’s beauty, when you do it with such care, you shouldn’t neglect this aspect, it’s the work of the other Mr Cosmydor, the very talented Philippe Guillermic.
*Petrochemicals, as the primary factor in the growth of oil demand (11/2018). Source:

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