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Bourgoin Cognac

Pure Wonder

Since 1930, the Bourgoin Domain has stretched over the Petite Champagne, Fin bois territories, and Premier bois, a more confidential domain, was overseen by the decree in May 1909 defining the Cognac vintages. With her dazzling green gaze, the perfect complementary colour to the golden orange nuances of her Cognac, Maëlys Bourgoin tells us the domain’s story in a limpid shortcut: “Our grandparents planted the vines, our parents harvested them and we bottle them (by hand).”

The soil from this part of the Aquitaine basin, a blessed Dionysiac area, is constituted of sedimentary rock of a maritime origin, between the Jurassic and the Late Cretaceous, which lived through alternating tropical and glacial climates. This is where the Bourgoin Cognac is elaborated from the white ugni vintage, distilled after fermentation according to the under-running process in vats that resemble those used in the 18th century, always in copper, of course. Up till this point, the classicism is absolute.

But Frédéric has a radical approach to his Cognac, a quest for pureness that is quite new in this domain. The Bourgoin family never assembles, colours or sweetens. Bottling is done in vintages, plots, and in barrels. The oldest keep their full degree. The reductions (decreasing of the degree of alcohol) on the young forms of brandy are done with distilled rain water for a strong aromatic lift. All the way through to filling, by gravity, in the quadrature phase of the moon, when the depots are stabilized at the bottom, in order to benefit from the mechanics of fluids and avoid filtration.

Whether it is about the Brut de fût 22 years or Fine Pale, the Bourgoin family posses this quality of being able to renew and enlarge their Cognac’s field of expression, the purest of beverages, as vivid and as spontaneous as youth.


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